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PK 40 - Pyrolytic boiler

burning boilers,


Pyrolytic boiler for solid fuels (with cooling loop)

nominal power 49 kW

Pyrolytic boiler ROJEK PK 49 for manual loading of wood - max. length of wood 530 mm, humidity of wood max.20 %, heat power 14 - 18 MJ/kg, or brown coal (fraction 20 - 40 mm), humidity of fuel max. 15 %, heat power 14 - 20 MJ/kg.

For both fuels the boiler is certified in Class 3 in accordance with the norm ČSN EN 303 -5.

The boiler body is made of high quality steel, inner sheet 5 mm thick, other surfaces 4 mm thick.

Advantages of pyrolytic boilers PK:

● Upper loading of combustion chamber - very easy and quick

● Bigger volume of combustion chamber (180 l)

● High efficiency

● Boilers fulfil Class 3 in accordance with the norm ČSN EN 303 - 5

● Max. length of wood 530 mm

● Longer time for burn-up of combustion chamber up to 7 - 9 hours depending on quality of wood and boiler power

● Easy cleaning of exchanger by means of a handle and cleaning door accessible from outside

● Boilers are controlled by electronic control unit that controls: exhaust fan, water temperature in boiler - switching on the pump and switching off the fan, control of water temperature, manual or automatic operation, time for fuel burn-up, manual operation for firing, adjustable speeds of fan, exhaust sensor, boiler and regulator protection, sound alarm, choice of languages.

The regulator is provided with programme zPID

In addition to standard sensors the regulator is also provided with exhaust sensor. It controls exhaust temperature and temperature of boiler water.

Boilers for manual loading model ROJEK PK are recommended to be operated with accumulation tanks.

Min. recommended volume of an accumulation tank with boiler ROJEK PK 49 is 2000 l.

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PK 40 - Technical data

Nominal output 40 kW
Efficiency88 %
Chimney diameter159 mm
Electric input76 W
Voltage / frequency230 V/ 50 Hz
Hopper volume180 l
Heating water capacity130 l
Diameter of water inlet and outlet DN G 2"
Chimney height574 mm
Size (WxHxD)916 (784) x 1 232 x 1 408 mm
Boiler class in accordance with Norm EN 303-54
Wood / coal energy efficiency classA + / C
Energy efficiency index (EEI) of wood / coal113 / 77
Seasonal energy efficiency of wood / coal79 % / 77 %
Boiler emissions according to Commission Regulation (EU) No. 2015/1189 EKODESIGN
Recommended fuel dry wood15 - 17 MJ/kg
Max. diam./length of wood250/ 530 mm
Fuel moisture12 - 20 %
Wood consumption for nominal output11,8 kg/h
Specified chimney draught10 - 19 Pa
Boiler weight615 kg

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PK 40 - Documents to download

DocumentSizeType of documentLanguage
Kotle_UK.pdf2 523,2 kBHot water boilers for wo (show-card)English
Kotle_RO.pdf3 343,6 kBHot water boilers for wo (show-card)Romania
Kotle_HU.pdf1 653,8 kBHot water boilers for wo (show-card)Magyar
Kotle_FR.pdf3 136,9 kBHot water boilers for wo (show-card)Français
PK_uk.pdf2 164,4 kBPK 20, 25, 30, 40, 49, 60 (show-card)English
TTP/OZ_PK_20-60_cz_uk_drevo.pdf143,9 kBPK 20, 25, 30, 40, 49, 60 (certificate)ČeskyEnglish
TTP/OZ_PK_20-60_cz_uk_uhli.pdf146,8 kBPK 20, 25, 30, 40, 49, 60 (certificate)ČeskyEnglish

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