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DH 10 TP - Wood crusher

Wood crusher with a cardan shaft driven from tractor with bag filling device.

The company ROJEK has again introduced the proven wood crushers DH to the market. After extensive operation tests important practical knowledge has been exerted - interchangeable knives, overload protection and protection against penetration of undesirable objects.

Wood crushers DH 10 are designed for professional processing of different kinds of waste wood material from carpenter workshops, saw mills, after wood cut, wood cleaning, from parks, gardens, avenues in towns and communities, for disposal of waste building wood. By processing of those waste wood you can get high quality heating material - short piece wood 5 - 7 cm long. This material is suitable for all kinds of heaters for solid fuels, especially for ecological wood gasification boilers. In above mentioned boilers you can burn not only fresh piece wood, but also for example wet sawdust with high efficiency and purity of combustion gases.

Economic and environmental heating as well

In connection with unique boilers you can get the cheapest nature-friendly heating. By combustion of even wet material from waste wood (including wet sawdust) modern boilers with patented technology produce minimum quantity of harmful substances and only 4% ashes that are an excellent fertilizer.

Waste wood can be obtained free of charge from almost each wood owner, only for wood cleaning. Within one weekend with only two or three people you can prepare heating material for a family house for the whole heating season practically free of charge.

Economic and environmental processing of waste wood as well

Instead of not environmental and often even dangerous combustion of waste wood in heaps in woods, parks and gardens the wood waste can be converted to valuable energy source by means of the wood crusher. In case it was not economical to transport crushed wood, it is possible to leave it in the wood and use it as a matrix.

For whom the wood crusher is intended:

- For wood and park owners and keepers, for road and railway intendants. All of them can convert the waste wood to money, either for heating or sales of heating material.

- For owners of saw mills and carpenter workshops using the wood crusher for processing of waste wood to heating material.

- For owners of family houses and housing units with their own boiler house. One wood crusher will be enough with its capacity for several users. Due to this fact the primary investment will be reduced considerably.

- For municipalities and local authorities which have to solve the problem of liquidation of waste wood from their own woods and parks. They can also help to their citizens and prevent not environmental combustion. In addition the most municipalities own some estates which can be heated by heating material processed in this way and save financial means.

Wood crusher DH 10 is protected by the Patent No. 278245

DH 10 TP - Enlarge

DH 10 TP - Technical data

Machine dimensions
Length1 360 mm
Width1 530 (1 855) mm
Height1 660 mm
Weight240 kg
Shaft driven by tractor
Theoretical max. size of crushed material
Balk6 x 6 cm
Round timber - soft, greenØ 9 cm
Round timber - hard, dryØ 6 cm
Brettschwarte 15 x 1,5 cm
Capacitycca 2 m³/h

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